Design Agency vs In-House Designer: Making The Right Choice


If you are thinking of rebranding your own company, chances are you will have to make certain changes (oftentimes major ones) to your company’s website. Now, the other choice you will have to make is to decide whether to hand the job over to your in-house designers or have a design agency handle the dirty work. In this article, we will breakdown some points for you to consider when choosing either one of the titans.

Let’s start with choosing a design agency. A design agency will be able to offer you long term benefits as there will be fewer account managers to contact and emails can be handled more easily. This will enable communication to be far easier and effective.

Next, a design agency will have the necessary experience required in rebranding or even building a new website for your company from scratch. Being a design agency, they will have a professional team of website designers, writers, editors, animation artists, and the list goes on. Besides, being professionals, they will be capable of handling tight deadlines as they can work fast.

Talking about the professionals in a design agency, you may consider hiring them when rebranding your company as a design agency will definitely have broader skill sets. You will be saved the trouble of choosing people with specific writing or animation skills within your company.

Flexibility. As a client, you will have flexibility in managing your budget as you will be paying on a pay-per-project basis. Your budget is now scalable and you won’t have to waste a cent on training new talent or paying your staff extra hours for working on the website.

However, there are some cons to hiring a design agency for your project. You and the design agency may suffer from communication breakdown as the design agency might not have complete understanding of your company. Work may sometimes be completed even slower because the agency might not have immediate access to your company’s information.

Now, in-house designers. Given all the pros to hiring a design agency, do in-house designers even stand a chance? It seems like they actually do.

It is in fact recommended that you have your in-house designers do the work if you are working on small projects. Small projects can be finished in a short time and in-house designers will be able to handle them quickly with the ease of collecting information within the company. It may sometimes be overkill to have an external agency deal with minor changes.

Having your in-house designers work on your website will definitely help save on your company’s cashflow. Unnecessary spending can be cut down largely so this is a rather budget friendly choice.

As in-house designers work in the company every day, it is still possible for them to not be able to look at details from a fresh perspective. They might be “immune” to certain details and bright innovations may sometimes be impossible.

So, here are your pros and cons to hiring either a design agency or leaving the job to your in-house designers. No matter the party, it all boils down to your company’s needs when choosing the right person for the job.