SEO: Is It Still Relevant?


Every year we are presented with visionary and millennial changes to marketing strategies, each promising better gain than the other. While we are being blindfolded by the multitudes of neo-marketing strategies, there is no denying to the fact that the traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is still very much in play even to this day.

SEO enables customer-client acquisition for locally focused businesses. By detecting what is being searched the most in a targeted geographical position, SEO will enable clients to target potential customers within the vicinity.

Besides finding out what is being searched, the reasons behind the searches are equally as important for businesses to push products which matter. Search intent through site content can be optimized. Google’s BERT 2019 seems to have improved in understanding intent and this is extremely helpful in directing organic traffic towards your business.

Businesses should also adopt a multichannel approach instead of focusing only on one method. With the help of SEO, businesses can now market towards a variety of targets. SEO also allows automated driving of traffic and leads and this further simplifies market targeting.

When selling a product, it is always helpful if you are a leader or prove to be the authority in that particular line. You may establish brand authority and reach by ranking high for question-based searches. As a huge part of netizens have expressed distaste towards pushy ads and spam emails, SEO doesn’t shove advertisements up clients’ feeds; they make customers come to you based on their searches.

So, does SEO still matter today? It definitely does! Although it may be a traditional idea, the fact that it has stood the test of time proves that it is still the way to go as an efficient marketing strategy and it does not look like SEO will go away anytime soon.